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Saskie's Laker Quest - Mission Accomplished!

For the last three years, each ice season one of my goals was to catch a laker through the ice. There were a couple close calls...a few almosts and even a "I guess its technically a laker"

But not really. I wont say that I had given up...but I had become somewhat "realistic" (we'll use that word) about the odds of success with the opportunities I have. To be honest, as much as I wanted a laker on any given Sunday when I was able to get out I'd rather catch a bunch of fish.

Today no compromises...I would target trout start to finish. It was easier to say that this weekend since I knew I'd be out again on Sunday. Sunday I coud play with the perchies...or crappie...or anything. Sunday I could catch a bunch of fish. Today was laker day.

I set up on a long point sloping into deep water. There were a few shacks and others on the lateral up-slopes but I tried to follow the top of point; I drilled a line of holes along it - checked the first one: 4ft. (oops)...next one 12...22...30...55...70...HOLY CRAP DEEP.

I started at 55 with a jigging spoon...after a few minutes there was a little flicker but no bars on the Vex. So rigged up the setline and dropped a minnow to leave there while I worked the next hole....as it slowly fell a bar appeared closing in on the bait. At 45' the two tracks merged and THUNK!!! Fish On...textbook. I got him up the hole and eased his head in...he made it half way through and was stuck.

"Lord...need some help here"

"Do you want that fish or not?"

I wanted him...so I lipped him...bare handed.

ANy blood you see in the background is mine, not the fish's, and you babies can stop whining about your bass thumbs.

But...after 3 years numerous trips and more money than I care admit...Saskie's Laker quest is OVER!!!


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Congratulations on the laker.

Congratulations on the laker. They are a lot of fun to catch thru the ice and make some fine eating. Never caught a big one thru the ice but we get several in the 15-20 inch range every year. Hope your luck holds up and you catch many more now that the "ice" has been broken.

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