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Saskatchewan whitetail hunts

Hi I have been thinking about a whitetail hunt in Saskatchewan but have heard a lot about the very cold conditions. I am not a big fan of sitting in a stand all day in 20 + below all day. A friend said he goes early with a muzzle loader and it is not as cold. I would appreciate any input on the subject.

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Saskatchewan whitetail hunts

I grew up in N Sask. Your friend is correct. More years than not "winter" arrived during the first week of deer season. And I mean winter: -15C and a ft of snow. Things being what they are with the weather these days that's not as common as it used to be, however it's still about 50/50.

Sask ML season varies by zone but generally opens the first Monday in Oct. You will encounter overnight freezing at this time making for some awfully chilly mornings but generally the by midmorning a light jacket will suffice, until dusk when the temp plummets again. You'll want to have plenty of warm clothes along as the occasional cold day is likely, as is the odd snow storm but there is definitely a BIG difference in the weather between Oct and Nov.

Where are you planning on heading? If it's up my way I can help you out with any specific questions you have. Just fire away.

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Saskatchewan whitetail hunts

That when the rut is though...In November..and that is the best time to sit...short term pain, lifetime of gain...