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Saskatchewan Moose hunt by boat

I am a hunting consultant. I specialize in moose hunts. I book more moose hunts than any other species. I did a boat based moose hunt in Saskatchewan in Oct of 07. I took a 53 in bull with 9 1/4 " main beams. The cost of this hunt is $4500 + $400 for the license. This hunt was 15 miles by boat to the lodge. Each day we would leave before daylight by boat. The meals were in the lodge with cabins for the hunters. This is not a strenuous hunt. We had one hunter that was 80 years old in camp. He took about a 36" bull with another hunter taking a 49" bull. This outfitter will take only 5 hunters in 2008. For more information please call
Jim at 734-665-8386

My Saskatchewan 53 in moose.jpg
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