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Saskatchewan bear and huge deer on sale now

  Low fence hunts for whitetail deer and monster black bear in the huge wilderness of northern Saskatchewan. Massive whitetail roam our guided areas with record book deer shot every year.  In the past 19 years, the largest Non-typical whitetail has been 214 6/8 NT & 213 4/8 NT, the largest typical has been 188 Typical and they are getting bigger thanks to our big game management plan. We have harvested some very old trophy animals from the area. The oldest whitetail to date is 10 and a half years, with many in the five and a half to seven and a half year range. The largest circumference at the bases on a whitetail was eight inches. Yes, 8 inches!

  Our black bear hunts are also one of the most exciting experiences you will have in your hunting career. The largest Black Bear to date is 606 lb. We have also harvested some very old trophy animals. The oldest to date is a 32 year old black bear (the current provincial age record) with many bears in the 10 to 15 year range. If you are hoping for a trophy black bear of an unusual color, you have come to the right place! We harvest a high percentage of color bears (cinnamon, brown etc.) For information on either of these fantastic hunts and our recent sales call Britt at 214 290 6104 or email


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