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San juan NF, Dolores,CO.

Any info on hunting around Dolores, Rico area of Colorado? Looking at killing an elk up there, just camped there for a week and saw hundreds of elk! Don't know if bulls have started re- growth of antlers cuz we didn't see any?

Thnks Chris

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San juan NF, Dolores,CO.

That's all OTC elk country with fairly high success rates. There's also a lot of pressure come hunting season. Right now, only the young bulls should still be with the cows, most of the older ones will be off by themselves until late August or September. Antler growth on the young ones will be fairly small this early in the year.

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San juan NF, Dolores,CO.

Exbiologist is about right. That's beautiful country, especially unit 71 to the east of Dolores. I've hunted 711 and 71 for about 15 years, and there are critters. Lots of hunting pressure, especially during the 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons. Best bet by far is putting in for the 1st season. Either sex, limited hunters, unwary (relatively speaking) animals. You can usually draw a tag with only one preference point, which means you get one every other year! Hell of a deal....