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looking for some info on utah san juan early elk, hope to get some info on the unit befor it starts i don't think i will be able to go and spot for it and im to pig headed to get a outfitter. some have said around bears ear or morman pass ? should i go high or low or medium on elevation.

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Those two areas should be ok

Those two areas should be ok for you and you are going to need to go high.  Without being able to scout you are going to be at a huge disadvantage trying to find a nice bull.  Have you decided on witch way you are going to go in and are you afoot or do you have access to a wheeler?  The last time that I was down there turkey hunting 6 years ago I ran into a lot of elk and they were just under the top of the hill but under the road on top.  I did find a road the branched off of the Cottonwood Draw road that took you up to the top with a few springs running and it looked like a real nice area for elk to hang out in. 

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You got San Juan elk?  I hate

You got San Juan elk?  I hate you!  That area is my all time favorite area.  I have 10 points now for elk and 9 of them were the result of an unsuccessful San Juan Elk submission in the draw.  We have hunted that area many times (spikes, cows, LE deer, turkey) and I probably know that unit better than any unit in Utah.

I'll send you a PM with some more details.

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G, Let me know if you got my


Let me know if you got my PM.  With this new system I'm a bit confused as to whether or not I sent you one.

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