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Sambar / Phillipine / White Tail Deer Calls


Anyone ever Hunt for Sambar Deer? Here on the Island of Guam we have a mix in Deer Species. Sambar crossed with imported Phillipine Deer, And have heard some time back we had White Tails imported by a Texas Governor at one time but have seem to have been Hunted out already, I wonder If these Deer since have been Mixed in Population:

" What would be the BEST suggested Type of Deer Call to use for Calling them out with Success? "

Range of Deer range in sizes of 100# - 300#, Depending on size and location.

What types of Deer Calls work BEST on Hunting Sambar Deer or even the Phillipine Deer IF anyone has Hunted these type of Deer before?

Anyone have any suggestions on What type of Draw Call to Try out ?
Hunter John