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Sako 85 Stainless 7mm 08

I had been looking at new rifles and was going to build a semi-custom until I took another look at the new Sako. It was a hard sell because I knew they had been bought out by Berretta and to be honest I saw one of the first 85's and was not impressed with the wood to metal fit. But I eventually took the plunge quite simply because they offered the exact rifle I wanted with an accuracy guarantee. Glad I did it.

Overall, the rifle is well built and the metal work is excellent. The accuracy is as promised but let's be honest, there are plenty of rifles that can deliver 5 rounds under an inch these days. What set's it apart in my opinion is that they have managed to build a light rifle without sacrficing barrel thickness and length - a big plus in my book. The detachable magazine is also excellent and does no rattle like others. And contrary to Chuck Hawk's opinion (whoever the hell he is) it is not a pain as long as you posses the manual dexterity neccessary to button your shirt (lobotomy patients and sea slugs need not apply). The trigger is also excellent and I personally prefer dovetail mounts that are built right into the receiver for a number of reasons. The overall build of the rifle is in the "get what you pay for category". I'm not saying it's better than any other rifle out there, but if it looks like it might fit your needs you might just be happy with the new 85 - at least I am.

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Sako 85 Stainless 7mm 08

Thanks for the input. There are a lot of guys who don't think outside of the domestic box and are really missing out on some high quality products at fair prices. These days when you're looking at $800 or more for a Remington, Winchester or Browning, it pays to add a few more names to the list. And it's not like Beretta or Saka or Tikka are newcomers to the rifle market.

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