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Sailor looking for some help

Hey Everyone,
I've been stationed on Whidbey Island for a while now but I havent been hunting and Im missing the hunt, the thrill. I caught my first pink salmon the other day and the blood was flowing, I loved it. but I was looking for a place close to the Island to hunt deer on public land. Any help would be helpfull.
Thanks Mike

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Sailor looking for some help

Mike, Can't help you on the island. Likely most of it is private, I just don't know. But I know the N. Cascades are abundant with both game and Public Land. Do you have a Gazeteer? Get one if not. Deer season is coming, grouse and lots of small game are open now. Gotta burn some gas, but there's more to see than you find in a couple lifetimes up to your East. Good Luck!

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Sailor looking for some help

Welcome to BGH! Big smile

Always nice to see new members! Hopefully someone familiar with the island will jump in and help you out.

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Sailor looking for some help

Welcome to both of you. Can't help you out up there. But I've been to Whidbey Island several times and really pretty out there. My son was stationed out of Bremerton for rour years.

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