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There's a new website about SCI


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this reads like a KKK brochure about MLK. they completely ignore the fact that hunting, especially in africa, does more to maintain species than anything else. sure it is in our own self interest to maintain the animals and habitat for them for huntign purposes. it works very well. Brick Wall,)

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They can't tell their people that hunters are the best conservationists! It goes against everything they have ever lied about hunting. Brick Wall,)

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The HSUS is a complete joke and I'd expect nothing less than this pack of lies in their latest hunter smear campaign.

They use the term SCI, terms like "canned hunt" and something we all enjoy doing (hunting) as an extremist activity that is cruel and inhumane. All while sitting at home wearing leather, eating beef and chicken that are raised/killed in ways that are not even close to the life that the animals we hunt live or die.

Animals (with the exception of domestic cats/dogs) are on the BOTTOM of the food chain-they're fair game for whatever is at the top of that chain, which would be all of us. That's the way it's always been and always will be-I doubt the HSUS or PETA will ever come to grips with that concept though.

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