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Ditto on the condolences

Ditto on the condolences about the unfilled tag.

I have no idea what that sound was - it really didn't sound like anything I've heard before. I would trust your judgment that it may have been some sort of cat.

 Good luck on the rest of the seasons. Thumbs up


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I feel your pain about the

I feel your pain about the blue lettuse or tag soup. Between me, the wife, and son we have a 6 course meal of tag salad, soup and steak and for dessert tag ice cream. All I can say is there is next year.

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sorry about your tag

sorry about your tag salad!

early this season when i was mule deer hunting during kansas' early muzzle loader season, i saw few- make that ZERO mule deer. I have had those epic seasons in the past where I continued to hunt even though i knew i needed to hang up the towel. luckily, i learned from those lessons and filled my buck tag on a whitetail instead.

I could kind of tell that this year was going to be tough because there was no corn, beans or hay fields that weren't affected by the drought.

i estimate that winter kill will be very high this year because the deer and elk won't be able to find the forage they need.

if i had to pick a spot to hunt elk this year, in this weather, i would lok for a large stand of oak trees with water and dark pine forest nearby. that is the only idea i can muster in conditions this tough.

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