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Sabot and caliber advice needed

I'm going to try and slip in a muzzle loder hunt in Nebraska if I can this year. Since I live in Colorado I have never been able to use anything except full bore size bullets.

Is it worth it to go to a sabot bullet and if so what combination is best for deer size game?

I already have a .50 caliber Remington Genesis that has never been fired and a Thompson Encore frame I could out the barrel of my choosing on.

I have also never been able to use anything but loose powder so any suggestions there would be appreciated also.

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Man - the choices of bullets

Man - the choices of bullets and sabots are almost endless. I would say that since you have already been shooting a full caliber bullet, if you are satisfied with the accuracy, stick with it. If, however, you are not - or if you are planning on having to take a long shot, you might want to try some experiements with various bullet/sabot combinations.

Something that I would recommend is that if you have any friends that shoot black powder, talk to them and see if you can buy just a few from them - of as many different kinds as they have - or even take your gun to their house and try loading what they have in your barrel (no powder, of course). You might find that some simply load too hard to want to use them for hunting. I once bought a new black powder rifle and probably went through a coule hundred dollars buying bullets and sabots to find something that I could readily get down the barrel. The problem is, you are always buying at least 50 bullets and 50 sabots every time, just to find out that they won't go down the barrel! You ought to see the box of stuff I have in my gun cabinet!

Any of the popular brands and styles of bullets of at least 200 grains will work well, though I have heard many people who have reservations on Powerbelts as far as penetration goes. Then again, some love them. They are pretty pricey, too. Obviously, all other things being equal, you will get a flatter trajectory with a bullet of 200 grains than one of 350 or more. Just for the record, I use a 460 grain solid lead bullet ahead of 90 grains of loose Triple Se7en. Out of my White Ultra Mag, I can keep them in a 1 1/2" group all day long at 100 yards. I don't care that it probably has a football trajectory - it's what it does at the terminal end that counts. It's accruate, dependable and it puts them down. Yes

I would personally recommend loose powder, since it gives you unlimited options for your charge when tailoring it for the best accuracy. Using one of the commercially-made "speed loaders" that has the bullet and powder together, I can reload just as fast as if there was a bullet and two pellets in there - no big difference in that department.



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