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Rut in Kansas ?

I was wondering what the best week of the rut is to come out and hunt private property in KS. I hunt the very southeast corner of the state. This is my first year out with the bow.

The rut back here in PA typically peaks around Oct 31. Are there any particular dates you see the most buck activity in Kansas.

Thanks in advance.

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Rut in Kansas ?

From what I have noticed here the last few years, it appears to be during the 2nd or 3rd week of November. But I think Willy, CVC or someone else should throw in on this too since they have been hunting Kansas alot longer than I.

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Rut in Kansas ?

I start seeing good activity around 1st week in Nov. and peak about the first part of third week. Last year seemed to be about a week earlier than normal though Think

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If it was me I would pick the third week of November . Where you hunting in southeast Kansas? When I attended Pittsburg State I hunted all over in that area.

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Rut in Kansas ?

Primary rut should be between Nov 11 and 19.... Secondary should start somewhere around the end of Nov.

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Rut in Kansas ?

Last fall the buck action picked up noticeably on 1 Nov. After passing on a nice 8 and several smaller bucks I arrowed a 10 point on the 4th. He came to a buck "roar" call like he was on a string. IMO Best time to be in the woods is first 2 weeks of Nov when the bucks are cruising looking for the first does to come in heat.