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Will someone please help. I'am a new hunter almost. Just wondering when the rut comes in. I live in Georgia. Just started hunting big the last two years. I think around the middle of November but not sure. Already got a small 4pt but would really like a big one. I know this is the time to get one but don't have the knowledge yet to figure it out. Thanks Keith

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For most parts of the eastern U.S., I'd figure the whitetail rut has already begun, or is just about to start. There are a few exceptions, as some areas of Alabama as well as Texas have a much later timeframe, as late as the January timeframe. The key things to remember are that for deer activity to really pick up and/or peak there needs to be some does in heat (estrus) around that bucks are trying to pursue.

Some say it's a cold snap that starts the rut, I'll just say that in my opinion, it's the length of the day (daylight portion) that sets the rut in motion, but colder weather coupled (pun intended...lol lol ) with does actually in estrus will really get bucks moving about. If you see a buck (a couple bucks) chasing a doe or does, well it's time to take a stand (or stillhunt, whatever you like) and BE IN THE WOODS! The key to hunting the rut is actually being there, in the woods as the chasing/searching goes on.

When you see fresh scrapes appearing and bucks moving about, try to spend just as much time as you can in the woods; early, midday and late! Bring your lunch with you and set a while. Bucks getting a whiff of romance may be on the move at any time during the day, you just need to be there too!

Hope that helped and good luck! Thumbs up

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Ive been around the Mt.vernon area up to the fairview ill area and from what ive seen the rut is in the chase phase bucks area chasen does every where all day.So id be huntin hard all day right now.Wish i wasnt here workin and had time to hunt here seen alot of 140 to 170 class bucks

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