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Rustic Creek Antler Designs
Rustic Creek Antler Designs is a new business that turns naturally shed antlers into a work of art! We make custom home decor..anything from small items such as table lamps to big items such as chandeliers. We can even use your antlers that you have laying around that you aren't sure what to do with! Visit our website at www.rusticcreekantlerdesigns.com for more information!


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There's actually some really

There's actually some really nice stuff there.  I have seen the basic antler chandeliers and such, there are lots of people who do them.  However, you have some stuff I have not seen before either.  I like the wine rack. I didn't notice, but do you have any that hold multiple bottles, or just the individual one?

Thanks for promoting your site.  Nice stuff!

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Sorry, I'm just now seeing your post.  Yes, we do make wine racks that can hold multiple bottles.  We are actually working on some this weekend and will be adding them to the website.  We can make them hold as many as requested up to 20. 

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