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Russian Scholar's opinion

did anyone read this?


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Russian Scholar's opinion

Hmm....How credible is he? Was he right about predicting the USSR's future before they collapsed? Did he see the writing on the wall with his own country?

This country has it's faults and problems, but I have much more faith in Americans than that. I just think we are better than to let that happen.

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Russian Scholar's opinion

Gee, I didn't realize that Civet was posting in Russia, too. neener!

Panarin is a joke. He's come up with a lot of bizarre stuff before about America's pending failure and how Russia was about to regain Alaska and become the dominant force in the world. He's sort of a Russian amalgam of Ward Churchill and David Koresh. The only thing that keeps people from completely laughing him off, however, is that he's pretty high up in academic and foreign policy circles. So people look at what he's saying and wonder if it's indicative of what sort of skewed assumptions Russian politicians may be working from.

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