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Russian Military Equipment?

Hello all,


I'm starting to get a good set of hunting/camping gear together, and one of the things I ran into was the ALICE and MOLLE packs made for the US military.


Now normally when I search for surplus the very first thing that comes to mind is Soviet Union. But I'm curious, what do Russian soldiers use nowadays, and is it as expensive as MOLLE? I can't seem to find anything on the actual names of the gear(probably because it's all in Russian somewhere).


I'm also curious if anyone has ALICE or MOLLE or whatever the Russian equivilant is, if they are waterproof. And if not, are there any militaries that might be cheaper than US surplus that would be waterproof? I live in the Northwest, and it rains more than shines around here.


I almost bought a small ALICE pack but I read the description and its made of canvas. Not nearly waterproof enough I'm afraid.


Thoughts? Ideas? I'm new to all this, so my only two ideas have been US and Russian surplus.


While I'm here, does anyone know of a good waterproof A-frame tent? I was going to buy the Stansport scout tent, but several reviews mentioned that while it has a tough floor like I want, it isn't actually waterproof, and will leak if you touch it. Considering that the tent was only slightly bigger than me, I was pretty sure I'd be touching it in my sleep, haha.


I suppose it doesn't have to be A-frame. It being black or OD is a big plus though. I like my equipment to match. And I have looked up Army tents, but they don't have any with a floor. And from my civil war re-enacting days, I'm not keen on sleeping in mud again.


Thanks all!


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