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Rush is not the GOP

Actually the business is no longer my main income. I was thinking of just chucking it in, now the phone keeps ringing and I guess I'll do it for a while.

But anyway I'd love to pay 30$ an hour, wish they'd raise the minimum to that. Then I could compete with everyone else and pay a decent wage. I'll bet you've never paid payroll or you'd know all this. Like how many people do you employ cowgall? If they forced every employer to pay health insurance you'd scream socialism, but I'd just smile and up my prices to pay for it and be competetive because everyone else was too.

Thirty dollars an hour wouldn't even hurt that much. Prices don't double because labor does. I've wondered about going union. If the stimulous requires it maybe it would be a good thing. Every time I see the UPS man (or woman) I tell them "go teamsters".

Maybe we'll all get health insurance from the govt and my employees can just sit home and let you pay cowgall. Yes

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Rush is not the GOP

SoCok wrote,

What I drew from his comment is that he knows what they are, but the fact that they speak Spanish would lead some bigots to view them as illegals whether they were or weren't. Somehow, I think you knew this, but coulnd't pass up an opportunity to try and discredit him, again.

What I drew from that comment was bigots are all right wingers. All illegal aliens are hispanic and the right wing thinks all hispanics are illegal. Pretty bigoted comment on both isssues if you ask me. Mr. Tapia might have something to say on that. As far as trying to discredit him. He doesn't need me for that. He does a fine job himself.

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