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Ruger .375

I just received mine and have not even had the chance to bust a cap through it yet. Im not a reloader (I know... sorry), so I have to, at this point, depend on the factory ammo. Of course, Hndy and Rgr are not stupid, so Im sure package ammo is good stuff, but the info on both sites is pretty sparse. Only thing I could order with the weapon was the 270g. Any info on rounds, results and availability will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Ruger .375

If you plan on shooting your .375 very much, you had best make friends with a reloader or a banker. On second thought, just make friends with a reloader, he won't be asking for a government handout.

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Re: Ruger .375

Hornady created the round at this time I believe they are the only company producing factory loads for the 375 Ruger. Currently they are producing four loads which are listed here:


I would just go to a dealer that works with hornady and order up what you want.

You might try cor-bon as well. They list loads for 375H&H and 375RUM, so its possible they are working on loads for the 375 Ruger.

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