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Ruger 10/22

I just picked up a stainless steel ruger 10/22 and wanted some input from those of you that have your own.

1. What upgrades would you consider must haves?
2. What upgrades would you consider worthwhile but not necessarily must haves?
3. Which upgrades would you do yourself and which would you have a gunsmith do?

4. For those of you that actually own and have midified one of these guns, which modifications have you completed and what kind of difference in performance have you noticed due to those upgrades?

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Ruger 10/22

I own a ruger 10/22, and have found it to be the most accurate and well built .22 I have ever shot or owned. My 10/22 is fairly stock, I added sling swivel studs, sling and a fixed 4 power scope. There are a number of upgrades that are available that are easy to do yourself, such as adding one of the many aftermarket barrels available. You can get bull barrels, fluted barrels, and competition barrels that are threaded and compensated. There are also alot of aftermarket stocks available.

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Ruger 10/22

I have ordered a couple of upgrades and I'll let you know how easy they were to install and how I liked them for those that are interested.

So far I have ordered the following...(expected accuracy results)
Titanium extended bolt release(none)
Titanium extended mag release(none)
MKII Titanium extractor(none)
Competition spring guide(minimal - none)
Power spring kit(minimal - none)
Shock buffer(minimal - none)

Future planned upgrades...
Titanium firing pin(minimal)
Titanium bolt handle assembly(minimal)
Clark SS Fluted Bull barrel(significant)
Hogue Overmould rubber stock(minimal - moderate)

I think I will do the "future" upgrades in the order listed as well. All currently ordered upgrades will be installed at the same time, but I expect minimal if any accuracy results from the current list of upgrades, those are mostly for easier use.

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Ruger 10/22

I'll be very interested to hear how those mods change the gun. I have one and I keep wondering how I can make it better without investing as much as a new gun.

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Ruger 10/22

All testing done is using the base stainless steel 10/22 carbine and using CCI Blazer bulk ammo. Shooting is done from a concrete bench using only sandbags and a 3x9x40 Nikkon Monarch scope.


    Extended Mag release
    Extended bolt release

I must say that I would consider both of these to be "Must Have" upgrades. While they do nothing at all for the guns accuracy they make it so much easier to use. I just can't understand why they didn't build the guns with these minor mods to begin with (I guess to give us modders something to do lol).

I don't know about you but when I go to the range or go plinking I often go through 150+ rounds usually closer to about 250rds each time. If you are going to only shoot a handfull of ammo then it probably won't make much difference to load a couple clips, but going through the mass amounts of ammo I do the tip of my thumb starts to feel it a little by the end of the day from pushing that stupid mag release in every time I want to insert or remove a mag. The extended mag release takes all of the pressure off the tip of your thumb and can be easily used by any finger or thumb to simply push a little on the release. It takes way less pressure as well due to the design so I don't see anyone having problems using this modified mag release.

The extended bolt release is another one that I just don't understand why they didn't incorporate it into the original gun. If you look at the modified part vs the original you can see they simply grind off the tiny point in the heart shaped hole to round out the hole. You simply pull the bolt release and pull the bolt back like normal to lock it back in place. But now when you are getting ready to shoot again simply pull the bolt back and release it and you are ready to go, no more fumbling with that tiny release trigger in order to start shooting again.

Neither of these are huge issues to casual shooters so you can certainly do without them but there is just no need. The mods themselves are extremely easy to do and I completed them in about 5 minutes from start to finish.

I didn't bother with any accuracy tests on this upgrade because it should have zero effect on accuracy, both of these mods are simply to make life easier.

Look forward to the upcoming Action Job review...[/]

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Ruger 10/22

Installed(Action group)

PC Extractor(includes new spring)
Titanium Firing Pin
Recoil Buffer
Bolt Polished

I don't expect huge accuracy gains but I think we will see some small accuracy gains with these upgrades. I think mostly what we will find on action mods is a smoother more reliable action.

I currently get a stovepipe jam about once every two clips or so(10rds per clip). This is way more frequent than I would like and I am hoping that these upgrades will all but eliminate them. I also think the recoil buffer will smooth things out a little bit on the action and help reduce recoil slightly for faster target acquisition. I have never had a missfire so I don't expect any huge gains in performance using the titanium firing pin. Basically this just boils down to the firing pin being lighter than the stock allowing for a slightly faster cycling of the bolt.

I will probably have the headspace reworked at some point and the rear of the bolt chamfered but all of that will likely be part of my final upgrades(what a gunsmith can do for accuracy after you have done all the basic upgrades ).

Coming soon. Still waiting for a part to arrive and still need to polish the bolt its self. I have already taken my base target groups each consist of 5 shots at both 25yds and at 50yds. I must say that so far I am not terribly impressed with the accuracy as they seem to have a very large spread even at a mere 25yds. In fact it was so bad that I thought I screwed up somewhere and ran another set of targets only to find nearly identical results.

I had originally planned on installing the Titanium Bolt handle assembly but I like the look and feel of the stock stainless steel handle so I decided not to change this out. I did order the competition guide rod but upon examination of my stock rod on the stainless steel model they looked to be identical so I did not bother with this upgrade either. I have not decided yet, but have been considering the use of Molyfusion on the bolt and guide/spring to see if it will help smooth the flow of the action any more than the polishing alone. Anyone with any thoughts, information or even just a desire to see if any noticable results occur by using molyfusion let me know.

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Ruger 10/22

Ok so I finally finished all of my upgrades. I got a little carried away and couldn't wait to do it in stages so the gun is complete at this point.

As for the results I figure my sample targets will speak more about what was accomplished than I can by simply explaining it so here they are...

Stock Gun:

Modified Gun:

Both are 5 shot groups using CCI Blazer bulk ammo. Both targets were shot at the same range using sandbags only and both were at 50yds.

Gun Details:
24" Green Mountain Bull Barrel (rimfirecentral special edition)
Hogue OM stock
P&C matched Hammer and Sear kit
P&C Titanium Firing pin
P&C Titanium Extractor
Bolt Buffer
P&C Titanium Extended mag release
P&C Titanium auto bolt release
Bobby pin return spring mod
Firing pin mod(pinning down the firing pin)
Some hand polishing of the trigger group and bolt

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Ruger 10/22

laminate thumb hole stock, twisted helical bull barrel

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Ruger 10/22

Good write up hostage67 and quite an improvement in accuracy. Now try some match grade ammo and see how it goes!

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Ruger 10/22

You guys would be better off buying a receiver and go from there. All of those extras will cost you more than the gun itself.

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