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Rudolph Optics - Shot Show

While visiting the Shot Show, I came across a new optics player in the market.....Rudolph Optics.

In fact this was the second consecutive year they had a booth at the Shot Show!

Their product line includes riflescopes, binoculars and rangefinders, of which all the optics are made  in Japan.

They are a South African based company with a US distribution setup in New York state.

Has anybody got any information on this company?



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Welcome to BGH! Never heard

Welcome to BGH!

Never heard of them and can really find no need for them. Only time will tell just how good or not they might be. That of course depends on how many are sold to avid user'd. Good optics do come out of japan but so have crummy optics. I think that with the range of optics already avaliable, they won't get a lot of exposeur unless theyn offer some new gadget into the mix. Now if Leupold was just starting today, I'd say the same thing about them. How expensive are they?

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