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Round Balls

I know they're for slower twist barrels but has anyone tried Round Balls out of these new in lines with 28" barrels and 1:28 inch twists?

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Re: Round Balls

I've tried round ball on a 1:32 BP rifle I own. They are not thatr accurate.

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Re: Round Balls

PRB will work out of fast twisted barrels of the inliners when you use a moderate powder charge of bp. I'll recommend the cal. in grs bp means load a .50 with 50 grs.



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Re: Round Balls

I'd agree that light loads will probably be acceptably accurate and a whole lot cheeper for practice shooting with a fast twist barrel but if you're going hunting anything bigger than a javalena stick with bullets; probably sabots. That said, the "acceptably accurate" more than likely won't be great. OK for plinking at stumps, cands & jack rabbits though.

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FYI (and I am not sure why but) a lot of the modern inlines that I have seen have a warning either on the gun or in the manual "not to shoot patched round balls out of"?

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Are you limited to using

Are you limited to using round balls by hunting regulations or are you just wanting to give it a whorl.

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round ball shooting out of Omega?

Well I have an old renegade from the early 80's I shoot alot of round balls out of.It is a 1 in 48 twist.And my Omega is a 1 in 28 twist. I am not very accurate with the Omega and the round balls,but my renegade is with 80 grains of pyro.So I use it on varmits and target with ball loads. 

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