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round balls

Who makes an affordable 66" or so twist 54cal percussion that'll take 150 grains of powder? I want to shoot round balls and it seems most rifles are made for sabots.

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round balls

affordable is relative, but traditions (the company) makes a decent reasonably priced rifle that most sporting goods stores carry (like acadamy) bassproshops and cabelas also have a decent selection.

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round balls

The Lyman Great Plains Rifle is available in a round-ball twist in either .50 or .54 caliber.

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round balls

I second the Lyman, but remember many MLs have a "sweet" spot where they achieve maximum accuracey, and it may not be at it's max load. In fact I've seen serveral MLs that would handle balls with 75 - 90 grains of powder great, but above 90 their accuracey really dropped. This is not to say a ML can't shot a ball and more powder well, just that their are no gurantees.

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