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Hand loads for Circuit Judge

Sinse my last post, I tested many more loads, and I made a load not listed and bingo.

11.5 grains of HS6 powder pushing a 230 Grain JHP from X-Treme Bullets.

Five shot groups, this thing will hit a 50cent peice at 50 yards every shot with a dead rest.

I am very impressed.

My next plan is to barrow a Chronograph....If ANY of you ever Chronny one of these please post it.

Sinse I tested the loads I called Hodgdon, they told me ai am 0.2 grn over max, it works good. Big smile

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rossi circuit judge

Bought the Rossi Circuit Judge and went to the range right away, took a few days to find suitable 45 LC ammo, but found what I wanted. Sighting the scope was fun since right after the first five shots with a new scope I came within five inches of the bullseye at 50 yards. Got it to hit target after nine rounds and then was pretty accurate at 75 then 100 yards. Did not lose much altitude. 45 LC ammo had little kick and I was pleasantly surprised. My wife really enjoyed shooting the rifle. The .410 shells gave me a patteren of about 9-18 inches, depending on the wind it was a little windy that day. That was at 50 yards. i didnt think it would be good for much farther than that.  I will say that since the .410 shot shells are longer and alot closer to the barrel the kick was considerably stronger. The 45 LC ammo is shorter and you can see pressure released at the end of the revolving chambers. Overall the gun is really good but I have not yet had the pleasure of a hunt with it.

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