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Roping a deer.

I do not know if this has ever been posted on here before, but i thought it to be hilarious. The story is highly unlikely, but extremely funny.

http://www.darwinawards.com/legends/legends2007-02.html   lol

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Yeah, this has been around

Yeah, this has been around awhile.

And must i say, it never gets old... Wink

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Ride horses in the mountains

Ride horses in the mountains long enuff and you will learn that horses are faster than deer. At least at any kind of straight line race.  Push cows across a mountain long enough and you will come across a deer while you have a rope in your hand. Knowing that most horses can out run deer, the temptation is always there to try and rope one.

I had a friend who came back into camp one night with his rope missing.  His brother who ran the outfit noticed and made a commet to him. Saying, "what happened to your rope?"  the fellow mumbled somethign and his brother came alive with " You just had to try and rope a deer didn't ya?" More mumbling from the fellow.  When he finally spoke up and tried to explain. He said he had seen a nice 4 point mule deer and chased it and roped it.    Then he came to the realization that there is just no easy way to get the rope off a set of deer horns. The buck wasn't about to stand still and allow hom to loosen the loop and slip it off. With out a second rider to heel the deer, he just wasn't getting any near that deer with out getting poked with an antler.

In the end he watched the deer trot off dragging his good rope. Life lessons learned. Don't rope deer.

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i'd bet it would work out if

i'd bet it would work out if you rope the antlers, but i found out from someone who's done it, that if you neck rope them, the deer will die. it's trachea is exposed on the front of its neck and it crushes with small impacts. so unfortunately, they have problems breathing, eating, and drinking afterwards.

quite a shame really. i'd love to do it. however, i took it to the next step. i ride with my recurve. i've chased a few on horseback and shot several times before i actually hit a deer. after i missed a few times, i found a groove where i moved with my horse and got off a good shot on a doe.

it was an amazing experience. it made me feel like a hunter, not a trophy-hunter, but a real hunter.

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I've caught a lot of deer in a lot of different ways

When I was in Texas in grad school, I worked with some of the old biologists who used to catch deer by pushing them into a stock tank, then roping them.  Never seen anyone do it though, just heard stories.

Most of my research deer were caught by helicopter net gunning and drop netting.  But we would occasionally catch them in pig traps, run down fawns on foot just after they were born and other less orthodox methods.  Also caught a few deer on foot by tackling them after various things slowed them down.  One was a sick old buck who had his gut punctured by an antler, one was a doe that I high shoulder shot who got back up and ran but was all uncoordinated, then a small handful were deer that squeezed out the sides of a drop net and weren't at full speed and were still just a few feet away from the net.

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wow, i'd say unorthodox would

wow, i'd say unorthodox would be correct.

i still havn't tackled a deer. but if i led it good and got up some speed, i might try!Thumbs up

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id rope a moose

id rope a moose

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