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Actually, lately,

I have been given a lot of rifles from older friends that don't want to go through the firearm reg. As well, my father in law has given my sons all his guns but since they are 6 and 4 I guess I will have to keep the guns company for now :smile:
As for the rest, I have a local gunshop that sells used firearms at very reasonable prices. I have sold him some and bought more in return. I take $100.00 CDN out of every pay cheque and use that toward purchases. It is amazing how fast it adds up and if it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket or get discovered by the wife Wink you can find some excellent deals.

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LOL!!! Funny how wifes are... Hate for you to spend $$ but then when they get to a mall its like "Lets see how much we can spend in a couple of hours" well only with some mothers but whatever!

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I didn't get a whole lot for christmas, just ate to much!
But whatever I don't get I will buy,
but I really didn't need any hunting stuff, except I had to buy a new stock for my 11-87 , I guess they are popular for the forearms cracking on them oh well, that gave me the chance to get a nice camo one for laying in the decoys come snow goose season!!

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