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Lazy rosies just want to eat and lay around lol. I would hope their really plump, they got all that food in such a wet surroundings, pretty dry over here compared to the coast. And then they Rockys gotta work in the harsch winters.

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I grew up hunting "Cascade

I grew up hunting "Cascade Roosevelt" on the northwest side of Mt Rainier, then West-side.
Headed over the hill for Rocky Mtn for 20 years,I now am hunting Coastal Washington for "True Roosevelt" probably never go back, as I like the coast, and the fact that I find the elk in the same place every year, they do not move as much as RM.
Although the dense brush makes actually getting a shot more difficult.
competition with other hunters is lower, you have to get out of your truck and hunt.

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PNW Rosie's big bodied

PNW Rosie's big bodied freezer fillers, thats what I hunt.  Not saying I wouldn't hunt a Rocky Mountain if given the opportunity.

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