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Roaring River Wilderness and Huckleberry

I posted asking for assistance a few days ago with western rifle, had some problems getting it up, thx for fixing that admin.  So my buddy is hunting Timothy Lake but I find out he has not shot a deer in several years and it's really just a party.  I guided archery elk and waterfowl in Utah when I was younger and was very successful so while I know little about this area I have been around animals my entire life.  However, not the black tail.  i have been researching and reading all I can about the animal for days and looking at topos and google earth for terrain. From what I can put together, help me plan, the black tail is elusive sounding much like the Rocky mnt elk in the areas I grew up hunting, outside the rut.  I found some big deep canyons far from roads, higher mnt lakes and meadows you must hike to but I know nothing about pressure or numbers in this area.  My first choice would be hike in and set up base camp at serene lake.  My two buddies going (also from Utah) have great skills.  One worked for wilderness program for years so his survival skills and back country IQ is great the other is long time army who is actually going after a cat with a handgun? My uncle shot his grizz with a .357 so more power to him, those animals deserve that kind of respect but I will be nearby with my .270 just in case.  So any input?  

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Unless you go to the coast

Unless you go to the coast range, I couldn't help at all. Not sure you'd find many black tails in the wilderness areas, they seem to hang in lower land near ag crops. I lived in Valsetz several years and there are blacktaails up there but I've seen a lot more in the valley and if you can find a place in the valley, the hunting is a whole lot easier unless you road hunt. Used to be a bunch of area to hunt outside Hoskins but it's been way over 25 years since I've hunted the valley. The Blackrock area behind Falls City had a lot of deer also baack in the 50's and 60's. Active logging back then, bet it's overgrown with brush now. Always seened to me that the closer you get to ag land the more and better deer you saw.