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road access gmu 19 colorado

Being my first year I was curious to the road access in gmu 19 during hunting season. Are the roads like pingree, long draw, and peterson lake open? Or do they close down late Aug? If they're closed I would assume its open to foot or horse traffic only? I don't want to get riding around over the summer only to find out th he areas I scouted are inaccessable in the fall...if you don't want to go into details please feel free to pm me.

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I can't help you on that area

I can't help you on that area but most of the roads in Colorado that have seasonal closures don't get closed down until around the first of December, at least that is the way in units 44, and 35

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They are open.  With that

They are open.  With that flooding last year and those darn beetles killing the trees there can be some road closures.  Check the forest service website they keep them updated pretty good

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I should have read this

I should have read this thread before I asked you where you were hunting!  Unfortunately I haven't been to this part of the state much at all, so I can't be of any help.  Those summertime scouting trips not only will help you get the lay of the land, but are a great excuse to just get out and explore!

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We plan on wearing it out

We plan on wearing it out this summer

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Which season

Which season?  If you mean archery or muzzy they will certainly all be open, so long as other issues like flooding didn't close them.  If you mean 3rd or 4th rifle, if heavy snow hits early they could be snowed in. Unlikely I'd think but possible.

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Unit 19 was hit hard last

Unit 19 was hit hard last year with the Hyde Park fire that burned all way from Fort Collins to the Pingree Park road and from Hwy 14 (Poudre canyon) to the Buckhorn Canyon / Pennock Pass road (county road 44H?). Plus, last fall Buckhorn Canyon got washed out in parts with the flooding. Long Draw Road has been closed for at least the past 2 years for removal of beetle killed trees. I'm not sure if Long Draw will reopened this summer, so you will need contact the Forest Service to see which roads will be open or closed this year. Since there is a big Colo State Univ facility at the end of Pingree Park road, that road most likely will be open year round.

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Were really chalking this

Were really chalking this season up to a dry run being our first elk season, hence the close proximity to home. Were planning on 1st rifle elk and 4th rifle mulies. The deer tag also covers 191 and 9. We want to get out and see what all we really need and don't need...if I take an elk so be it, but it won't be unsucessful  due to lack of effort. After this year ill start the prefrence point game and cow hunting in perfered areas preping for a hunt 10-15 years from now. Man that sounds horrible.

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