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RMNP lawsuit


DENVER—A hunting group now has the chance to make its case for using sharpshooters to thin the elk herds in Rocky Mountain National Park.
The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that a lower court erred in not allowing the Safari Club to become a party in a lawsuit filed by an environmental group.

WildEarth Guardians filed its lawsuit in 2008 after park officials approved a plan to use federal and state employees as well as volunteers to kill elk in the park.

WildEarth Guardians said park officials didn't fully consider the release of wolves to reduce the herds before it decided on sharpshooters.

Park officials say overgrazing by the elk herd in and around the park has damaged habitat and threatened other species.

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Re: RMNP lawsuit

One of these sharpshooters is a brother of mine and is a student studying wildlife conservation biology at CSU in Fort Collins. Officials did do the research necessary to rule out wolves. a wolf packs range is far larger than RMNP and considering that much of RMNP is not suitable habitat for wolves and much of the area surrounding the park is, the wolves would be out of the park constantly.

In two years of culling the herd has been reduced and there has been many signs of success. They have been able to complete multiple studies on elk fertility and CWD that would not be possible through the use of wolves.

People need to quit being armchair biologists and leave it to the professionals that made the best decision for the overall health of, not just the elk population, but the whole ecosystem and the park as well. None of the other options proposed were even close to being as effective and non-invasive as the cull.

As for letting hunters into the park to take elk... 1)It is illegal and has been for a very long time, and will not change 2)It would be a nightmare trying to coordinate areas for hunters to hunt and 3) it isnt even hunting. the cullers have been able to get within 50 yds without crawling or anything. the elk are practically tame.

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