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rifled slugs--rifled barrel

I have been told not to use rifled slugs in a rifled barrel.
Anyone know why and if they can do any damage to the barrel? the most that I have found out is that they aren't as accurate in a rifled barrel.
I had about fifty rounds of Federal 12 ga, 3" mags given to me and would like to use them up. thanks.

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rifled slugs--rifled barrel

I don't believe there is any danger in using them but the rifling on the slug is different than the rifling in the barrel so the slug would have a tendency to jam as it is going through. I don't think is would make a block but the fouling from the lead would be very significant. I personally wouldn't use the slugs in that barrel. Get a smooth bore and enjoy.

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rifled slugs--rifled barrel

Well, beleive it or not, I used to own a mossberg trophy slugster, and I shot the 1 oz activ slug through it. The acuraccy was excellent, and it never gave a problem. The bore did lead foul fast, but, heres the kicker...the more it fouled, the better it shot! probably because the grooves and lands were less pronounced. Keep in mind, that the pressure that a projectile travels down the bore under, that lead is liquid, and will conform to whatever surroundings it encounters.

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