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Re: rifle type for hunting
savage99 wrote:
Welcome to the USA.

There are better designs than the Rem. 700 type rifles for hunting. The M70's, Kimbers and Rugers have better designed safeties that control the firing pin and allow a hot chamber to be unloaded. They are better machinery also.

To say that the Winchester model 70 or a Ruger M77 is a superior hunting rifle is nothing more than a matter of opinion. "they are better machinery also" Can you please tell me how you came to determine this fact? I can tell you right now I own a few Winchester model 70's Remington 700's and Ruger M77's and they are all excellent hunting rifles. The machining on my Remington is on par with any model 70 I have or any Ruger,In fact the Rugers I own use cast metal on the receivers and bolts if I'm not mistaken, the Remington 700's are milled out of solid bar stock. I own a model 700 with the J-lock action that allows me to unload a hot chamber. The Remington model 700 is a fantastic hunting platform it's the most popular hunting rifle in America for good reason.

Not to mension that midway through Vietnam the US Army and USMC purchased field grade Remington 700's as sniper rifles to be used in the field. Also note that since the early to mid 1970's both the US Army and USMC have used Remington 700 actions as the standard platform on which to custom build their sniper rifles with.

There were a couple years there in the early 1980's when Remington had a recall for some model 700's. There was some type of defect with the firing pin where it would fire if the opened bolt was allowed to slam forward due to gravity if the rifle was tipped muzzle down, or if the bolt was slammed forward hard enough. I don't recall the serial number range that was affected. But I think all gunmakers have been plagued by design flaws or defects at some point in their history.

But like I said though before - I prefere Mauser type actions with three position safety and spring steel full length claw extractors. But that's just what I've come to prefere. After owning and using a few Rem 700 extensively I can't really say that the Winchester M70 or Ruger M77 are better. I also can't say that the Rem 700 is better either. I love them all. But for hunting I prefere my Winchester M70.

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.30 calibers I think are

.30 calibers I think are probably the most popular for big game hunting in the west. Most .30 calibers I know being used are the .300 win mag, .300 weatherby mag, .338 win mag and the ultra mags seem to have become popular as well. I'm a fan of weatherby and that's my number 1 choice for hunting rifles.