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Rifle for the hunt or favorite rifle

I read a lot discussion about which rifle/round is best for a particular quarry.
What I have found is it's best to set up a rifle for a particular method or size of game and use that rifle for what it is set up for.
I have a favor to the 30 caliber rounds. Bullet selection being the primary reason.
So, what I have come to do is pick three rounds in 30 caliber in three rifles that will meet my needs. Each set up to shoot one particular bullet. Each mounted with a scope that will work under the conditions that I will most likely have.

What I have come up with seems to work very well for my needs. They always shoot the same and it's makes my part in the field easier.
The first two are short cased rounds that have some limits in bullet size but the chosen bullet weights perform very well, for their requirement.

I took a bolt action 308win. Shortened the barrel to 20". Mounted a 4x scope on it. Found a good quality 150gr cup and core bullet that shoots well through it and use it for deer sized game under any hunting condition. It works well in the thick forests. On the open plains and up in the tundra. It's light to carry (easy). Has a MPBR, aim and shoot, of 0-300 yds.

I have a 300wsm that I mounted a 2x-7x scope on. Found a 180gr bonded core bullet that shoots well and use it for heavy hide and/or thick boned quarry. It works well under the conditions that I will have. Has a MPBR, aim and shoot, of 0-300 yds.

These first two rifle/rounds have almost identical trajectories but very different energy and bullet performance requirements.

The third choice I have come up with is a standard 30-06. Because, It has a longer case, I can load the heavy for caliber bullets and use it exclusively as a heavy brush rifle. Where the shots don't typically exceed 50 yds. The old eyes aren't what they used to be so I mounted a 1x-4x scope on it and load a 220gr partition type bullet. As a stopper it does wonders.

Any one of these rifle/rounds could be set up in different configurations for just about any combination of loads and uses. Any one of these rifle/round combinations could be used on any game in the lower 48 and some but, as said earlier. These combinations give me the consistency that is neccessary to do my part, with confidence in the firearm and load.

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Rifle for the hunt or favorite rifle

Excellent post!! A very methodical way to set up your rifles for each type of game Thumbs up

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Rifle for the hunt or favorite rifle

I've never really set up that way but it is a good way to go. If I did, I think I'd keep my 6.5x55 with 129gr Hornadys for deer hunting. It has a 22" barrel and a 1-4x redfield. For heavier game, heavy as I'm gonna hunt anyway, the 280 rem using either 154gr Hornadys or 160gr Speer hot cores. Put a 2-7x scope on it. For a close range brush gun, I'd have my old 660 rem in 308. Use a 180gr round nose bullet and 2 3/4x redfield.

I'm starting to lean toward bonded core bullets for no other reason than they have to hold together better. I've only had one cup and core bullet ever fail and I had simply used a bad bullet for what I was doing.

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Rifle for the hunt or favorite rifle

a 20" 308 is a primo deer rifle! Thumbs up

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Rifle for the hunt or favorite rifle

For whitetails I use a Sako 243.

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Rifle for the hunt or favorite rifle

I don't understand what the .30-06 will do the other guns won't?

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Rifle for the hunt or favorite rifle

The good old '06 has a longer case and chamber then the wsm and 308 so it will handle 200+ grain loads better without sacrificing powder.
Now load any of them with a 180 grain pill and put it where its suposed to go and no North American game animal is going to complain about not being shot with enough gun, unless you feel the need to shoot them at 450+ yards. But if your doing that you should do yourself a favor and invest in a .338 Lupua(and practice like mad) after all its what Canadian snipers will being using soon since its more effective for long range anti-personnel work then their .50cals.