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rifle choices....

After living and hunting extensively in the Fairbanks Alaska area for 15years I was forced to leave for Texas 4years ago to seek medical treatment. 3 surgeries later in ready to head home and need to restock my rifle collection. Previously I hunted with a ruger 77 338win mag- brown bear and occasional elk in the south east. Matching rifle in 308 win for black bear caribou and moose. Now I currently own a 7mm-08 that will work fine for most of the smaller stuff but would like to find something to replace my 338 for larger game as I'm not able to hande the recoil as well as iused to. Any suggestions besides the standard 30-06 or 300wm Loaded down? I'd prefer to stick with something in the 338 range for heavy bullet options but am unaware if they make something like that?

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Consider the .358

Consider the .358 Winchester!

I have hunted with one since 1966 in the Northeast for deer a black bear.

I will kick some  with 250 gr bullets but you can have a Decelrator pad and a rifle with some weight.

It would be easier for now to just use 200 gr bullets in a 308.

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Is there any chance you could

Is there any chance you could point out a bolt action rifle that's chambered for if? I have looked at the cartridge but I've only seen it in the blr lever action which has jamming issues in the conditions I hunt in

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375 H&H

Don't let the 375 H&H scare you.  I've carried mine from Alaska to South Africa and used it most in NYS.  As you know, it will take everything that walks in Alaska.  Also works just fine for mule deer and white tail in the lower 48.  It sounds crazy but I use 66 1/2 grains of R-15 for every bullet weight 200 grains through 350 grains and I do not need to change my point of aim under 200 yards.  With the 200 grain bullet its a soft shooting load that I think would serve you well.  If you ever need to deal with a big bear etc. just swap in a premium 300 grain bullet or go to a full power factory load if you prefer.  70 grains of the same powder shoots just fine too but it is more recoil than I want.

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in the interior of Alaska where the best moose hunting is

the two most popular hunting cal.

300 Win Mag and the 338 Win Mag

and for the non mag fans.......30-06.

the 338-06 is also a great addition


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The 358 win is a good

The 358 win is a good suggestion but like you said there arent many factory options. Probably the most factory option might be the 338 federal (essentially a 338-08). I know most bolt rifle companies chamber it, atleast a few years ago they did. 338-06 is another winner in my book and I intend to own one some day but Im not sure of too many companies chambering it either. 

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300 H&H with the bull barrel

300 H&H with the bull barrel this gun is heavy but it doesn't have a lot or recoil. I shoot 185 grain bullets and it will put down anything you want. The only down side it will wear you out carrying it all day.

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Ya know, rather than getting

Ya know, rather than getting come rifle in a cartridge that recoil is gonna get you on, give up the animals that require those cartridge's. Grizzly and Brown Bear would be about it. If you load down a 338 mag, it is no longer gonna give you the power you were looking for in the first place.