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Rifle / Caliber Recommendation

Check these guys out for you new stock

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Rifle / Caliber Recommendation

if you decide to buy a new barrel just as well buy the best 338 is a great caliber as is 30-06 but there is alot better calibers out there nowadays those two calibers have been around for a hundred years technology has moved on i guide 15 -20 elk hunters a year and the best caliber i have seen is the 300 short shoot a 180gr acubond bullet

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Re: Rifle / Caliber Recommendation

I hunt elk inwashington with a 300 win mag and my partner uses a 30-06. We both have knocked down whatever we shot at. He really likes his 06.

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Rifle / Caliber Recommendation

Rebuild the 06. I put my old ADL through a makeover.Hogue full bed stock,Timney trigger,adl-bdl conversion.=SWEET. Barnes tsx 165 or 180 just know your gun and shoot true. Elk don't give you much of a second chance. But I did buy a MZ to expand my horizons....

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I shot my cow with a 243 100 gr bullet and it did the job fine

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If you are comfortable and shoot the gun well stick with your 30-06, although in my choice of bullets I would go with a 150 grain bullet. Good luck and good hunting !

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Rifle / Caliber Recommendation

The ole 06' would work just fine mike. Shoot what you know and what your comfy with. 180 grs will get the job done. I got my first bull here in EA Washington this year with the new rifle I built last spring. 30-378 wby with 165 gr hornady hand loads; but thats besides the point I have always been about shooting what you know and what you shoot.

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Rifle / Caliber Recommendation

I used a .308 for a long time on elk, and finally gave in and bought a 300 win mag, and I love it! Even with a bad shot them elk dont go very far. With the 308 I've had a couple take off on me and had to chase them down. I just bought a 338 win mag and it does just about the same as my 300, a lil' bigger hole But, Ive also taken one down with my 30-30 but you have to get really close.

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Rifle / Caliber Recommendation

Not a thing in the world wrong with your 30-06. But if you're fishing for a reason to justify a new gun... hey, don't worry about it, just go for it.