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Rifle for Black Bears

I'm preparing for the opening of black bear hunting in Florida later this year. I have a Remington 770, 7mm-08 already. Is this a good rifle for black bear, or should I go with a .308?

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A 7mm-08 will work quite

A 7mm-08 will work quite fine.

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Go with the one you like

Go with the one you like best, both are fine. Use a good bullet!

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Rifle for Black Bears

Bullet placement is more important than bullet diameter.

Just about any hunting bullet put into the heart/lungs will kill a black bear.

Either your 7-08 or .308 will work fine IF you do your partl

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I agree with all the answers

I agree with all the answers you have gotten but besides bullet placement the next most important thing is the type of hunting you will be doing. 

   If you will be hunting from a blind over bait, just about anything from a 243 Win to to a 9.3X74R in the right place will do a fine job. 

   If the hunt may have long shots then bullet placement may be not such a sure thing and  the heavier bullet of the 08 may be a fine choice.  However, as some have already said, either one you list will get the job done with a central nervous system or heart lung shot to get you a bear rug.

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Someone is going to disagree...

Someone is going to disagree, but whatever. I did a lot of research between the 7-08 and its father (.308) when I was building my ultralight rifle and the truth to the matter is the 7-08 will do everything the .308 will do with modern bullets. Both cartridges fire light-for-caliber bullets more efficiently than the heavier bullets due to case capacity and when you stick to that philosophy the performance gap dwindles to almost nothing (in practice, not on a balistics table). 

Either way, I think you are good to go with either. It sounds like you'd be buying a new rifle to get anything outside of the 7mm-08 and if I were to buy a new rifle and already had a 7-08, it'd have to be something that isnt essentially duplicating what I already have.

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pretty new to the bear

pretty new to the bear hunting thing, but not to firearms. I believe either will work just fine with the right bullet in the right spot. I used a 30-06 this spring with a 180gr barnes tsx. He went 15 yards.