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Rifle bedding

Not sure if this is the right place for the topic, but I'm toying with replacing the stock on one of my rifles with a nice claro walnut stock. Being a do-it-yerself kind of guy, I look forward to learning how to checker it and all. The thing I'm unsure about, though, is free-floating or bedding the barrel. Anybody have experience with 1) how important it is to do this, 2) which method makes the most sense, 3) how hard it is to do, and 4) where to get a good guide and/or video on how to do it? Alternatively, how much do gunsmiths charge for this? By the way, we're talking about a Browning hunting rifle, so MOA accuracy is all I need.


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Rifle bedding

If you get the action right, the barrel is a piece of cake. Just make sure it doesn't touch wood anywhere. I like to slide a 3 1/2x5 card up the channel between the barrel and stock when it's done. Card should not drag anywhere.
Savage makes a sniper type rifle that looks like it was dug out for a 3" pipe! Works great.

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Rifle bedding

I agree with Don; a piece of cake. Personaly I prefer Marine Fiberglass and have used it for decades and the cost is close to nothing. Cheap enough that you can practice on a couple of pieces of old wood if you are not glass experienced. All the bedding products are good, some way overpriced.
A Google search "glass bedding" rifle bedding" etc will get you to some pretty good step by step help, or Ask Away.Dons' not busy

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Rifle bedding

Brownell's makes a coupld of different decent glass bedding kits that are straight forward to use.

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Rifle bedding

Brownell's Acraglas gel is the best that I have used. Read the instructions carefully a few times and you won't have any trouble.

To open up the barrel channel I like to use a piece of pipe or socket with sand paper wrapped around it. Slide it back and forth until you get the clearance you want. Seal wood with some varnish.

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