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Which is the better rifle/deal the Savage 111FCXP3 Bolt Action Rifle or the tc venture both in 300 mag

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Re: Rifle

The better deal will be the one you like best. You get one because someone said it's a better deal but liked the other better, your gonna wish at some point you got the other.

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Re: Rifle

Yup like Don said - pick the one that will be most beneficial to you, the one you like. Shoulder each one and see which one fits you best. Ask to dry fire the trigger (make sure gun is clear first). Feel which one has the better trigger.

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I would pick both of them up

I would pick both of them up in your hands, throw them up against your shoulder and see how they both feel before making a decision. I think that has more to do with a good hunting rifle than make or model is how it handles in your hands