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Ridgebacks for pigs?

This question is purely out of curiosity, but has anybody seen or heard of Rhodesian Ridgebacks being used for pig hunting?

I just put a down payment on a Ridgeback pup, will pick him up in about 10 days when he hits 8 weeks. I bought him strictly as a family pet, but a previous post and lots of research about the breed got me wondering about their abilities in the field. Anybody have any experience with them to share?

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Ridgebacks for pigs?

I haven't heard of them being used for pigs but it would make sense genetically. They were for hunting lions when they were first bred, as I am sure you have read already. I've heard of funny hunting choices. One buddy went out in Nor. Cal with someone using Collies and knife.

I just wonder what the blood lines that your breeder has is like. Have they just been bred to meet the breed standards or have any of their ancestors actually been in the field. Do they have the fire in their belly? Need the grit to hunt big game. If not, they are still really active and athletic dogs. I know lots of world class athletes use them as training partners. Those SOBs can run marathons and keep going.

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Ridgebacks for pigs?

For catching and holding I've only ever seen Southern White English Bulldogs and American Bulldogs used. I've heard of some folks using American Pitbull Terriors with success too but I don't think APBTs are as powerful as the other old rare bulldog breeds. Overall though for catching and holding I think the Southern White English or even a Dogo Argentino is a perfect dog for that from what I've seen.

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