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Rhino Wars in Southern Africa

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Rhino Wars in Southern Africa

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Rhino Wars in Southern Africa

i would just bet that with proper governmental ok and support, a large rhino ranch could be established in texas and the species protected a lot better than in africa. it is legal to shoot trespassers in texas and 24/7 security would be easily obtained, night vision devices, etc. visitors could be charged admission and eventually some controlled hunting would probably allow a self sustaining unit. what a great idea. Yes

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Rhino Wars in Southern Africa

The Oriental Embassy's are protected by "Diplomatic Immunity" in South Africa and no doubt in the other African countries too.It has been clearly documented that this is where alot of the poached rhino parts are being taken too and then onto their respective countries.Some of our other fauna and flora resources are also at serious risk from the East in this manner.
Here is an ideal oppurtunity for Governments to do domething about this illegal trade,to go straight for the head.
Unfortunately diplomatic relations are more important than our wildlife resources when it counts.

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