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RFW hunt with 7 preference points

I have 7 points for elk and am considering putting in for one of the RFW ranches. I am looking at Big Gulch or Sage Brush and would love some feedback on which ranch or others would be better. Thanks!

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I am going to presume that

I am going to presume that you are a resident of Colorado since RFW tag are not available to non residents. 

Personally I would save my points and find a unit to hunt in rather than going with a RFW tag.  RFW areas will restrict you on the area that you can hunt.  Some are better than others.  Go to the Parks and Wildlife RFW page and read up on the requirements that the ranch puts on you, also call and talk to the ranch operator.  Most of them limit you to one helper and usually will only alow you to hunt in the area that they designate, some will let you move if you are not seeing animals and others will not.  I know of some hunters that have had good experiences on RFW properties for cow elk and then went back on a bull tag and had a lousy experience. 

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Neither of those ranches will

Neither of those ranches will have bulls with any size to them--but they'll have plenty of animals.  I met Dick Dodds a few times and he is a stand up outfitter.  He operates Blue Sage and Visintainer ranches.

If I had 7 points for elk I'd probably not spend them on a mediocre bull.  Give it 5-10 more years and you might be able to draw a reasonable tag in 61.  But with the point inflation every year, maybe not too. 

Good luck either way and post up the story of your hunt for the rest of us to enjoy at the end of the season.

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