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REVISED; The Winchester M70 Super Grade .338 Win. Mag. Rifle

(Ok I don't know what happened to the last post I had started under this subject. Somehow I had made a duplicate post. So when I tried to delete one of them, now when I click on the title it says "Page Not Found". Anyway. Thank you Critter for your remark toward it.)

A good article was already written by the Big Game Staff with better descriptions. As you can see, I'm no writer, but I'll do the best I can.

My first surprise was when the man behind the counter handed over the rifle. I had some concerns that it was going to be too heavy to carry around for long days of hunting. I was very relieved to finally to feel the weight in my hands. "It's not that bad" I thought. Maybe it was the adrenaline and the excitement. Regardless, a 8 1/2 lb. rifle to me seems to be manageable. So I happy about that.

The overall appearance of the rifle is well made. No, it isn't a 15,000 dollar custom Mt. Kilimanjaro rifle. I'm sure those are quite nice. But for 1300 bucks you can't beat it. Really the only reason I decided on the Super Grade model was because I wanted a higher grade wood stock than the standard model. I'm glad I made that decision.

ok, that's all I have time for at the moment.

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The stock;  The only place where I've noticed any tiger stripes is behind the grip, not much.  I've held it up to the light and turned every which way but nothing really stands out.  The grain throughout the rifle is amazing, all the way from the fore end cap to the recoil pad (the pachmayr is soft and grippy).  It has character.  The grain is irregular.  There's subtle differences in wood tone.  It's just a very nice wood stock! 

The metal: Before I choose the rifle I really didn't want the high gloss blue.  I thought I would have been happier with a matte finish.  Maybe it's because I never payed attention to other guns that have been blued before.   Maybe it's because I never really saw any good examples of it.   I dunno.   I'm stunned at the depth, of that charcoal chrome blue black color that Winchester achieved.  It's just really cool.  I hope you all get to look at one in person someday.  You'll be impressed too.

will add more later.

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Congrats on picking up that fine new rifle. I happen to be a huge fan of nice wood and well done blue on a rifle. The M70 Super Grade I had did have both, just as you describe yours. A rifle may just be a tool in the hands of some people, and that's fine- for them! But for me a rifle, make that a well made rifle, is a thing of beauty to me.

I own, perhaps 8 or 10 really nice rifles and when I pick one up to wipe it down or to maybe dry fire a few dozen times with it, it can be tough for me to force myself to put it back down. So it is for me with my custom M98 in .257 Roberts, my pre '64 Featherweight made in the custom shop and my double rifle made by Verney-Carron, to mention a couple.

I, for one, am very happy for you that your new rifle seems to be all you hoped it would be! Best of luck in mounting the new scope and finally getting her to the range as well!! Thumbs up