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Returning a Colorado Tag

I know someone that is planning on applying for a tag in Colorado but isn't sure they can go.  Are you able to return a tag and get your money back if you decide not to go?  Or are you committed as soon as you draw it?



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If he isn't sure that he'll

If he isn't sure that he'll be able to go I would just recomemd that he put in for a preference point instead of a tag.  They will alow you to get a refund under limited reasons.  This is from page 11 of the Colorado big game guide book.




















Refunds for unsuccessful applicants are issued by June 30. The $3 application

fee and $10 Habitat Stamp fee are nonrefundable. Points used in

applying are not restored to your record if you return your license and

obtain a refund. Points may be restored in lieu of a refund at licensee’s

request if the license is returned before the season opens.




After a season starts, refund or preference point restorations are limited

to extreme medical circumstances of licensee, death of the licensee

or death of licensee’s immediate family member.




Refunds and preference-point restorations are not considered more than

30 days after a season starts. This limit is extended for members of the

U.S. military whose service prevented requesting a refund on time.




To get a refund or preference point restored, you must relinquish your

license and carcass tag before opening day of the season. License must

be accompanied by a completed request form obtained at a DOW office

or on the website. Requests must be postmarked before the season

starts. If there isn’t enough time to request a form, mail your

license and carcass tag with a letter to the DOW. The envelope must

be postmarked before the season starts and mailed to DOW, attn: Refund

Office, 6060 Broadway, Denver, 80216.



















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one other thing

If he refunds the tag, either for a preference point or the money, the tag is not put back into the quota.

Also, they really don't care what the reasoning is.  If you can't go they don't really question it.

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thanks, thats what i

thanks, thats what i thought. 

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