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The Results Are In - Chukar Wins

Now that the season is over I did some quick figuring and reflecting.  Six trips were taken for chukar.  I'd planned on at least a dozen trips but yet again life got in the way.  With a whopping 1.5 birds per trip average, I'm not about to invite the neighbors over for a chukar stir fry quite yet.

I feel pretty good about the 45% shootng success - heck, less than a box of shells fired at chukar.  Of course I'm not counting the three coveys of Hungarian partridge I stimulated into flying faster.

I thought about trying to figure out trip costs (gas, breakfasts at the local diner before heading out, lunches, beer, etc.) but then realized that god (aka the Wife) might read this and comment - no doubt with attitude.  Rough estimates indicate that I could have ordered a complete Tur-duc-en diner for four from a specialty shop in Georgia for each chukar shot.

The Beretta 20 gauge semi auto still seems to be the perfect cliff roaming, mile after mile chukar gun I've used to date.  Kinda wish though that the wood was a little stronger as the toe of the shoulder stock broke after one too many contacts with basalt, leaving a half inch chunk lying somewhere north of Dixie Creek.  I've already replaced the forestock once so I guess its only fair to do the same with the back end.

I've also figured that dogs aren't required to hunt chukar - but they come in pretty handy for finding them.  I hiked past the grave of Suzie Q - the best upland Lab I ever hope to have - twice this season.  Chukar droppings were all over her cairn of rocks and birds were calling and shouting from the overhead cliffs.  Funny that while standing there remembering old times with the pot licker I never even thought to fire a shot.  Must have been dust in my eyes causing them to water a little so I probably would have missed anyway.

All in all a pretty good season.  I still hate chukar and I can only hope that I can still hunt them when I'm 90.

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Around here bird season has

Around here bird season has been bad for years. Don't know where they all went but they are gone. Putting in quail here for next season, worst comes to worst, I can get the dogs out on them.

I did make one trip over to Frencg Glenn this year. Problems with my knees kept me down to low but Bodie did manage to find me one small covey and two singles. Diddn't shoot any of them. The covey held quite a while while I was getting there then nflushed just befor I got into range. The first single he got down the side hill and was no waay I could get down there. The last day a young lady from Bend showed up and she had her dog with her. It had a bad experience at her family's a few months earlier and was a bit gun shy. So I left the gun in camp and took my camera.

First photo is Bodie on his second single and then a photo of Gertis on the first wild bird she ever pointed. She was just short of six months old.

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God I love that country!

I was thinking about that trip last night Don. Here's a couple more pics from the trip.


How's Gertie doing? 

I think alot of that ground burned this summer, where we camped on that trip burned.  All that extra stashed firewood -- gone!  I found a way in from the west side off 395 I'm gonna try.  Should save an hour or two of driving too.

I was shooting trap the other night with a guy that claims he can get us on with a big land owner in Lakeview, but he's got no dogs.  Well we're gonna load the dogs up and go down there soon, I'll keep you posted.   That's in range for a day trip!


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Pretty old but can't help but

Pretty old but can't help but look at the Doo again. Bless his heart, he's made a dog! gertie will be coming back from N. Dakota pretty soon. Holly's gonna drive up and get her. Doing pretty well!


Looking forward to Duke and Ben being here a while.

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