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Results from 54??

I hunted 54 in first season 2012, and it was ridiculous. I saw 30 head in South CB, heard of 200 head seen on someone's ranch and 6 more that crossed CR 730 at noon from one field to the next. My buddy heard 5 were taken out first season, and I don't doubt it.

Please tell me if you got one out of GMU 54, because I'm curious about where they were. One lone 5x4 bull came out of Carbon Peak, and another lone 7x5 was taken elsewhere in the unit.

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Did you hunt the timber?

Did you hunt the timber?

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6x7 bull and 5x6 bull taken

6x7 bull and 5x6 bull taken from the Soap creek area. Heard of another bull being taken somewhere down Soap Creek but can't confirm it. Another 5x6 was taken in the Bonfisk area. Several more people got cows. This was all above 9000 feet.. most people hunting the mid elevation 8000 - 9000 didn't see anything. Where were you hunting?