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Research for New Guns

I am a new hunter and did a little hunting with my fathers gun and looking to buy two guns for next season. First gun is a .22 caliber rifle for squirrel hunting and a .270 Rifle for deer. I have been doing my own research and still haven't came up with anything yet. I am looking to spend around $600 for the .270 and around $250 for the .22. So any susgestion and information to help me pick would be great.

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Research for New Guns

Browning T-Bolt and Remington 700 SPS. Marlin also makes all sorts of great .22s. Try hunting around gunbroker too. At $600 you can get some fantastic older custom sporters, or more traditional Winchesters, Remingtons, Brownings and Savages.
You need a shotgun too. Big smile
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Research for New Guns

As recent as 2004 you were likely to find a new Winchester Model 70 for a bit over $600 and a Remington 700 for around $500 to $600.

Today if you're looking for a resonably priced quality USA made rifle, consider Ruger or Savage rifles. Actually Savage make some pretty good rifles.

Consider if you want a factory new rifles or a well cared for used rifle

The .270 Winchester is a nice cartridge. I reload my own. It's what I use for biggame. In fact I don't think my Model 70 has ever had factory loads through it, ever.

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Research for New Guns

Savage for the .270 and Marlin for the .22 rifle.

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Research for New Guns

henry makes a nice leaver action 22 and at a good price