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no big deal there, that is

no big deal there, that is with any business.
I am sure he will need a federal tax id, probably a piece of paper from what ever state he is in, and all the other business stuff that goes with owning a business.

getting the piece of paper saying you are a business, is really pretty easy to do, and I would think he would want to start a llc or corporation to protect himself. I own a couple of them, and it is easy to set up.

But being an entrenpenour I applaud others who have the same spirit. Go get er done. And yes you may lose everything, but that is part of the challenge. And besides sleep at night is over rated. Big smile

start small to minimize your exposure and go for it.

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So why would anyone want to go to all that trouble and have to pay taxes along with worrying about losing their equipment just to possibly make a couple bucks seeing how he only has one set of equipment to rent?

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I guess, I feel this sight is

I guess, I feel this sight is just very negative towards new ideas or ways. So I was trying to be positive about things and encourage ideas and people to try stuff.

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But if you don't post up the

But if you don't post up the negative things that might happen they will go in blind.

A lot of people don't look at the big picture when starting a small business which quickly leads to failure.

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I have no issues with the

I have no issues with the taxes and doing things on the up and up as I already own several businesses and getting the legal stuff done is easy for me. I am more interested in what people might see as pit falls so I am cool with the negative side of things. Cause I agree if you don't talk about it then you can't prepare for it.. I am an honest straight forward guy but not everyone is like me.. I love helping others and I hope that I can provide someone or a few people with the things they might need to help them close the deal on their elk. I would rather rent to someone who has never gone elk hunting and have them do some light damage to my gear and have them get an elk then to someone who has been hunting for years and knows everything and wants to tell me how its done and no damage to my gear.. I just am a guy who loves to help.

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