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Remove skunk spray from pets, humans and clothing in a matter of minutes


Don’t let an unexpected encounter with a skunk ruin your next hunting trip or outdoor adventure

If you, hunt, camp, hike, work in the outdoors, or just live in the country, your children or a pet could encounter a skunk.  All across the US the skunk population is booming, keep a skunk odor removal kit from CCW available to quickly get back to normal after an encounter occurs.

Imagine the continuous smell that occurs when you just drive by a fresh skunk hit alongside of the road concentrated on your pet, child or in your carpet. Without being prepared you will be willing to pay a fortune to rid of this horrible stench.

It never happens at a convenient time either, probably in the middle of the night after you let the dog(s) back in, and they are already rolling in the carpets before you can hold the nose long enough to chase them down and drag them back out, or worse out in the middle of nowhere at the camp site when the dog(s) decide to chase that funny looking cat around the bushes. You then realize you have a major stink problem on your hands, and you will wish you had ordered the skunk odor removal kit from CCW.

We can personally attest to this product as our own dog gets skunked once or twice per year.  It will remove skunk from pets, clothes carpets and other surfaces in just minutes. It eliminates the odor to where you can have the dog back into the house or in a truck with you and go about the normal routine like it never occurred.  Before we would spend hours and days getting it off the dog to where she could even come into the garage.  We had to burry several dog collars with the expensive underground fence receiver.  Now even the collar and the receiver can be saved.

The kit contains an 8 oz bottle of soaker for the most condensed areas, a 32 oz spray bottle for areas such as carpets and other items the dog rubbed up against, and an 8 oz bottle of shampoo for animals and humans, even those with sensitive skin.

 Order your skunk odor removal kit for only $49.95 at Cottage Craft Works. COM

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