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M70 and safety

I've read through most every comment posted thus far and think it might be a good time to add a few facts here. First, at least some of you have likely never seen, nor handled an older Remington M700, produced before 1982. The same fire system was used then, BUT the safety was reworked in 1982 so that the bolt could be opened with the safety in the SAFE position. Before that time no M700 or M600/M660 rifles could be either loaded or unloaded with the safety in the SAFE position (like today's rifles). Think about that for just a moment.

IF you own(ed) one of the older style rifles/safety you had to have a loaded chamber with rifle on FIRE at least twice when going to hunt. 1.) When you loaded it and closed the bolt on a loaded chamber. 2.) When you unloaded the rifle you HAD to put the safety to the FIRE position and then work the bolt to unload the chamber.

This difference is huge!! With today's M700 trigger/safety system (before the X mark pro trigger) you can load your rifle, hunt all day (without shooting) and then unload your rifle with it being in the SAFE position the whole time. This likely means, with the hundreds of thousands of M700s produced since then that the number of times the safety being pushed to FIRE is millions of times less.

Also, for those previously completely unaware of this ongoing problem, Remington issued a recall of their M600/M660 rifles for this same defect. They will still, today, accept a M600/660 and modify the trigger/safety mechanism for free. I know because I had it done on a M660 that did fire, simply from the safety being pushed to FIRE (which had to be done to unload the rifle).

To say that because you have never experienced it that it's not likely a problem is the height of ridiculousness. Some figures say 2-5% had seriously defective triggers/safeties. Just because you never saw or handled one does NOT mean your child won't get one. Think about that. To say safe gun handling is all that's required to "cure" this problem is simply ludicrous. When you and your child are at the range and the person beside you is unloading his/her  older   M700/M600/M660 are you willing to bet your child's life on their safe gun handling should that safety fail??

When a high powered rifle you are holding and unloading fires simply because you moved the safety from SAFE to FIRE I'm thinking you will feel very differently about this problem. There is no excuse for unsafe gun handling. But, additionally, in this day and age, there is no excuse for a defective mechanism on any firearm  to be accepted either. Of course, I could be wrong.......





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I'm one who's fire a quite a few 700's without a single problem, never even seen others experience a problem.  But as I said before I have heard of this problem for years, but simply thought it was an isolated event.  All along I still always kept that idea in the back of my head whenever handling a 700, but just always make sure I do as I always do, practice safe handling. Now that I hear of a few members here who have experienced this issue, and the other reports of incidents it's like a big slap of reality to me.  Yes I've owned, handled, and fired a couple pre-'82 Model 700's, with many rounds fired through them.  You make a very great point.  No, I don't think you're wrong at all.  The CNBC report had an individual who made a very excellent point in regards to safe handling, something to the effect of - how do you know what a safe direction is when you never know when or if a gun is going to fire due to malfunction, bullets go through objects, barriers, ricochet, and kill people when falling from the sky, etc.  Thanks for chimming in on this one. Thumbs up


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