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Remington Introduces HyperSonic Steel Shotshell

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Remington Introduces HyperSonic Steel Shotshell

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Re: Remington Introduces HyperSonic Steel Shotshell

Sounds like they are making progress with steel shot velocity, but I've seen nothing yet to this day on the market that yields the same ballistic qualities as lead did in the same price range. The ammo manufacturers have had almost 20 years to come up with an equivelent substitute (equivelent in both ballistics and price) and so far there's nothing. All I see is higher velocity, which is nice, and way higher prices, which is way bad. And after all this there still isn't any substantial proof that reduction in lead has made waterfowl any safer or healthier. Just think long and hard about this type of stuff the next time new legislation come up. Because when/if it passes all it's going to do is cost you and me big time.

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